I’ve been travelling camera-less for decades. I have been capturing – with my brain – smells, feelings, relationships, textiles, and sounds. As a child, I watched a sunset. It was so warm and bright and majestic. I had faith in it. It told me everything I need to know about the world.  I took a […]

Grant Park, 2008

Watching newly elected American President – first of our race – Barack Obama, hearing his words as he assuaged American doubt that we are a place where all things are possible, reminding us that the dreams of our founders still lives and that we were a part of it, firmly cementing our place in the […]

Drone Wedding

My husband and I got married alone on the basin of a crater lake in the rural west region of Cameroon. To get there, we, then enfianced, took a bush taxi from village to town where we found motorbike taxis. The motorbike taxis took us to a toll point. From there we hiked four hours, […]

Machu Picchu

One look at Machu Picchu and it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most visited of the Seven Wonders of the World. Five days after leaving Cusco, I reached the end of the Inca Trail and literally lost my breath – the first time that week not due to altitude adjustment – as I […]