About Us

While we started in 1994 as a specialty lighting company for off-road vehicles, we have moved up up and away! Off the road, into the sky! Drones have the amazing ability to capture aerial footage of the brightest beaches, the hippest music festivals, and the hustle and bustle of the city by day. But what happens when the sun sets, the lights go down, and the streets darken?  

We use LED technology to redefine drones, the footage they capture, and the stories you can tell. LED lighting is lightweight, small, and can maintain a charge for hours – so there’s nowhere you can’t go, nothing you can’t see!  

Not even the sky is the limit!   

We use this blog to showcase the stories and adventures of our drone kit users! And sometimes they just send us their opinions on drones and to avoid them accusing us of selective posting, we’re throwing those up too. We do not necessarily agree or disagree with anything posted on this blog. It’s wildly irresponsible!