Energy Efficiency

I often find a new subject to study and quickly become obsessed with it for a fleeting time. That’s what happened with drones and it appears to be starting with energy efficiency. I was lucky enough to attend a commissioning and energy management conference – as a photographer and quickly became entranced by the subject matter.  While I have no plans to become a Professional, I do find that my own individual energy consumption is something I should probably keep a closer eye on, we all probably should better watch our own contributions to the lingering demise of Earth.

There are lots of ways I was trying to be a good steward of the planet – I compost my food scraps, I drive a hybrid vehicle and only seldom alone, I recycle, etc. But I never became aware of ways to limit my energy usage until this rabbit hole of research. Please sound off in the comments about ways you/your family watches your household/home energy usage! And no, I’m not looking for cutesy adages like, “SAVE WATER SHOWER WITH A FRIEND.”

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