This isn’t about a drone, it’s just a great hummus recipe.  Hummus is a great source of protein, is an endlessly adaptable recipe, and it’s always welcome at a party.  I start with soft chick peas – either canned in water, or dry and soaked in water overnight – in the food processor with olive oil and tahini or sesame paste. To taste, I add in garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.  

From there, you can really do whatever suits your taste. For a spicier hummus, add jalapenos or chili powder. For an extra boost of saturated fats and protein, add avocado oil in lieu of olive oil and fresh avocado. For a Mexican-style hummus, add lime, chili powder, and black beans. Add some cream or milk for a creamier version.  

I suggest starting with small batches, figuring out your Signature Recipe and then tweaking that! You’ll be the most popular party guest (but pick up some beers on the way over to be sure).  

 And feel free to drone-film it while you prepare it for what is sure to be a riveting exciting adventure film!

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