Special Events Footage

Lots of folks want to use drones to capture aerial footage of important events as we’ve discussed. Whether that be a proposal, wedding, girls weekend, or a weirdly optimistic funeral, documenting important events is half the reason drones are even popular.  

Logistically though, it can be a challenge to work with folks to plan your special event if they’re not comfortable factoring in the drone as part of the planning. This is why we partner with different vendors to train them on drone technology, let them know how they may help get you the best footage, and generally keeping this documentation in mind when planning their role in your special day.  

We’ve teamed with a local limo company provide limousine and transport service with a special focus on getting that footage! Whether this means you want aerial footage with you dancing in the sky light, slow-motion footage of you and your entourage exiting the vehicle, or you wanna drive and capture footage of yourself whipping shitties in a grocery store parking lot (joking about that one), they will work with you to ensure that they’re getting you what you want. And we’ll work with them to capture it on film!  

This is a really popular option for bachelor/bachelorette parties. And we know you wanna get that shit up on the ‘gram like, ASAP, so we’ll help you get that footage within minutes of it being taken.  

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